How much can a bad hire cost you?

Use this free calculator to uncover the true cost of a bad hire!

Hiring the right people can be an expensive and time-consuming process. But it's all worth it if you find the right fit.

But what happens when you don't hire the right candidate?

We've built this calculator to help you find out just that. This calculator identifies the concrete and upfront costs of a hire. 

These costs can be considered an investment when the hire is a good one, the ROI positive when a candidate performs well and impacts your organization's growth.  But they may also become sunken and losses when there is a mismatch in skill, culture, or overall fit. 

Keep in mind that there are many hidden and less obvious costs of a poor hire such as:

  • Customer churn for customer-facing roles.
  • Loss of company reputation.
  • Negative team morale.
  • A decrease in team quality standards.
  • Team burn-out.
  • Damage to your employer brand.

These costs are not easily quantifiable but may compound the costs of a bad hire as revealed in this calculator.

Automating repetitive tasks in your hiring process can unlock savings, mitigating the risk of sunken costs.

Save time on manual tasks

Use advanced AI to select the most targeted job boards for your position and avoid sky-rocketing promotion costs.

Simplify job posting using AI

How can an applicant tracking system (ATS) like Recruitee help?

Start collaborating with your team within your ATS. More eyes on the process will root out poor fits before it's too late.

Enable collaborative hiring

Build a custom career page to give candidates a peek into your company culture and attract the right people!

Improve employer branding

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